Rang a 4

Togha agus Rogha – Cnag ar an scéal chun é a chloisteáil!

Cian Iníon an Rí: Cian Iníon an Rí

Turas Scoile: Turas Scoile

Lá Fhéile Pádraig: Lá Fhéile Pádraig

An Gairdín Álainn: An Gairdín Álainn

Cuairt John Crossan

Tháinig John Crossan go dtí an scoil le déanaí chun labhairt le na páistí faoi crainn!

John’s talk aims to:

create awareness, through interactive activities like music, exercises, juggling, questions and answer sessions etc. to teach how important our native trees are in our environment and in our lives.

to teach how our ancestors viewed trees linking them to place names/persons and names etc.

to talk about the uses of trees in medicine, building, instrument making, basketry, furniture, dyes, food etc and specifies what each tree is good for now and in the past

to teach about the numerous habitats for thousands of organisms, plants, animals & birds

teach how trees filter water, ease flooding, maintain river banks etc.

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